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To Determine Your Future, First Understand Your Past

When we make strategic decisions, we tend to focus on the future.  Our dreams are projected into the future, our hopes fulfilled in those dreams, and so on. We do this because we believe we can determine our future.  What we tend to forget is, every future has a past, and that past is the […]

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How to Recognize Whether You Should Change Your Job

Many people are unhappy with their jobs, but how is job dissatisfaction measured?  Using the Personal Performance Model every evening for the next three weeks, ask yourself the following three questions: Have to.  To what extent are my current tasks being imposed on me or demanded of me? Able to.  To what extent do my […]

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Are You Living in the Here and Now?

We’ve always been told to live in the here and now, but why? Non-judgmental questions to ask yourself:  how much time do you spend thinking about the past, how much about the here and now, and how much about the future?  In other words, how much of your time is devoted to thinking wistfully or […]

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How to Get to Know Yourself

Behavior traits and tendencies are good things to be aware of when it comes to knowing one’s self.  The Uffe Elbaek’s public opinion barometer is a good starting point.  Keep in mind that you will be subject to these four perspectives: how you see yourself how you would like to see yourself how others see […]

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Power in Communication

Conversations are influenced by the balance of power between the two people engaging in them.  Women tend not to speak to men in the same implicit strength they use toward other women.  As a rule, women allow men to interrupt them more often than they interrupt men in return.  Interestingly, those who get interrupted are […]

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