Do you make excuses for your high level of stress? Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the never-ending demands of professional, family, and personal life. There are healthy and non-healthy ways to deal with your stress whether in the workplace or at home. Stress management is very important. Don’t wait until stress has a negative impact on your relationships, health, or quality of life.


During marital dissolution, turbulent life transitions, or conflicting times, I believe each participant must be fully heard with their needs most capably addressed. Through mediation, I am able to provide the expertise of family systems, child development, and personal/business consultation. I collaborate with other leading professional services, working with experts in the area to ensure all issues are addressed.

I am a certified mediator offering comprehensive divorce and civil mediation services in the 13th Judicial Circuit which includes Boone and Callaway Counties.

Work – Life – Balance

At any given time, life experiences can be extremely challenging and difficult. However, if navigated successfully, the journey can be fulfilling as well. In order for people to navigate those challenges, support may be needed to learn positive and effective coping skills. As personal growth progresses, it has a the positive correlation with life success, career, and productivity. Reach your potential!