(co-mediator – Amy Salladay, JD)

The only team offering the practical experience of an attorney combined with the expertise of a practiced therapist to help families come up with creative solutions when dealing with custody and visitation in Mid-Missouri.

If you choose, Co-Mediation Services are also an option. You will receive the expertise of dual mediators. Amy Salladay, JD, of the Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, will join me and bring to the table her years of experience and expertise in family law and estate planning. Visit Amy’s website:

To take advantage of the only team offering this service in Mid-Missouri, make your request in our initial contact so arrangements can be made for all parties to attend scheduled sessions.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a powerful, yet cost-effective method for people to reach resolution without destroying relationships and without the intervention of the court. In mediation, the parties are active participants involved in the decisions required to resolve the conflict. The mediator is a neutral facilitator, enabling clients to make their own informed decisions. Mediation keeps the decision-making power with the participants in a confidential and voluntary process.

Mediation is not a substitute for legal services, although it usually significantly reduces the legal costs of a conflict. While the formal mediated agreement may be the tool for ending any legal action, participants are encouraged to consult with their individual attorneys about any legal implications of their discussion. Mediation is not a substitute for therapy, although the parties are often aided by their involvement in therapy or counseling prior to, during, and after mediation. Mediation looks at the past in the context of forming solutions for the future rather than unraveling reasons for past behavior. Mediation is not a process in which problems are turned over to a decision-making authority; rather it keeps the decision-making power with the parties.

Fee Schedule

Fees: $300/hr. (Cost covers both mediators while working face-to-face in session.)

In all mediation cases, participants will be billed for time involving all phone calls, correspondence, and document preparation at my regular hourly rate. ($150/hr.)

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