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Mediation: Parenting Plans

Marital resentments from the past – such as, who caused the separation and/or divorce; who left and why; hurt and anger regarding the other man/woman; disappointment; the desire to reconcile — all have nothing to do with the children and need to be dealt with separately.  Mixing past marital issues with present parenting issues is […]

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How Work-Related Issues Can Impact Family Systems

Although most couples are not always aware, but work-related behaviors influence family dynamics and vice versa.  The fact that work is a significant factor in personal happiness, has long been recognized by researchers and clinicians. Examples of Work-Related Issues Affecting Families: *  Unemployment *  Supervisor-Employee Stress *  Dual Careers *  Children Home Alone *  Re-locations […]

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Theory or Proven

Models and theories explain things away. They tell us how we should act and what we should and shouldn’t do. However, they may prevent us from seeing things in a realistic view. Adam Smith in the 18th century, warned against abstract systems and being carried away by them. Albert Einstein, two centuries later, received a […]

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Cognitive Dissonance

What we think and what we do: Why is there often such a big gap? Why do we go ahead and do things we know are immoral, wrong, or stupid, even though there is more than likely a bad consequence? Psychologist, Leon Festinger, coined the term ‘cognitive dissonance’ when describing our state of mind when […]

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