To Determine Your Future, First Understand Your Past

When we make strategic decisions, we tend to focus on the future.  Our dreams are projected into the future, our hopes fulfilled in those dreams, and so on.

We do this because we believe we can determine our future.  What we tend to forget is, every future has a past, and that past is the foundation on which that future is built.

The important question is not, ‘How do I imagine my future?’, but ‘How do I create a connection, a bridge, between the past and the future?’  This can apply to any goal, project, etc.  This model was developed by The Grove consulting agency, designed to help you process what was relevant in your past to keep the good and leave behind the negative.  You can then take with you the skills you need to enhance your future endeavors.

This is how it works:  you define the time frame or event – e.g. the last year, your marriage, or the founding of a company through today – from the beginning of that time period, you add the following to the timeline either alone or in a group:

  • The people involved.
  • Your goals (at the time).
  • The successes.
  • The obstacles you overcame.
  • What you learned.

This model will reveal the importance we attach to our past.  The most important part of this assessment is to learn and reflect, so we try not to bring the same mistakes with us.  Otherwise, we aren’t growing as we progress.

Source:    Krogerus, M., Tschappeler, R., The Decision Book (The Making-Of Model). W. W. Norton & Co. N. Y. / London.

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