What Parental Cooperation Does Not Mean:

Once again, when parents cooperate during or after a divorce, it creates an environment where children feel safe, satisfied, and loved.

Cooperation does not mean:

  • pumping your children for information about the other parent
  • controlling or trying to control the other parent (as this is usually done by using the child)
  • using the children as messengers to carry angry messages back and forth
  • hurting the other parent by use of the children
  • having the children deliver or ask for child-support payments
  • arguing or fighting in front of the children
  • using derogatory comments about the other parent in front of the children
  • asking the children with whom they wish to live
  • placing the children in a position of having to take sides with either parent

Source:  Bienefeld, F., Williams, F.  Helping Your Child Through Your Divorce.  (1995).  Hunter House, Inc., Alameda, CA

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